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Pro's & Con's of Pre-Workout

Have you ever wondered what the pro's and con's of pre-workout, or a high caffeine diet is? Well, in this blog we're going do breakdown exactly what the benefits and the negatives of taking pre-workout, although it all depends on frequency and dosage.



  • Can assist in performance on a day where you are fatigued, or have low morale.
  • There are studies that say in the short term, caffeine can actually increase your metabolic rate thus increasing fat loss.
  • Coffee is said to decrease the chance of mouth and throat cancer by 50%
  • Caffeine mixed with carbohydrates replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after workouts- great for those carb cycling!
  • Caffeine and Pre-Workout is said to decrease DOM'S (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) by around 48%, meaning you might be able to walk after your leg day!
  • Lastly, some studies say that it can actually increase your stamina and aerobic capacity.


  • The consistent increase/ high dosage of caffeine in your diet will lead to caffeine intolerance, thus decreasing its positive effects.
  • High caffeine consumption is linked to high blood-pressure.
  • Obviously, a high caffeine diet may cause insomnia, which isn't good for making those gains. You need that sleep!
  • Lastly, if you're drinking loads of RedBull, or Coffee with sugar, your sugar intake will increase which has it's own negative effects.


Based on this information, the recommended caffeine consumption is 400mg a day, which is the equivalent to 4 cups of coffee, but in some cases with Pre-Workout might just be 3 small scoops.

Therefore, we would advise to check the caffeine content in your workout, to cycle on an off pre-workout where possible and to only use it when you really need to. 

We would also advise to look for sugar free, or sweetened pre-workouts or energy drinks. Combined with the newest active wear, a great session will unfold.