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How to look like you lift when wearing a t-shirt

We've all been there...you go to the gym religiously 4/5 times a week and look relatively good when you take your t-shirt off, but when its on you look like you've lost all those gains you've worked so hard for. 

You will be glad to hear there are some things you can look out for when buying either gym apparel, or just general clothing for going out.

Before you even think about it, it does not include buying two sizes down to the point you can barely breath in your clothes just to show the gains you've made from flat bench. 

If you're above 6ft tall you might notice that its quite hard to find clothing both for the gym and out of the gym that is fitted enough to help emphasise your physique without it being two inches too short and when you lift your arms up those "abs" pop out ( yes, we know you're "bulking")

So, here are some key characteristics to look out for when buying any active wear, or other clothing: 

  • Fitted sleeves- are a MUST. If your biceps aren't hugging the sleeves, leave it.
  • Curved hem for those slightly taller people- this actually has the effect of slimming your waist and emphasising that V-taper.
  • Fitting around your shoulders- is another must. You need to be able to show the results of those lateral raises and this is the best way to do so. 

Not to mention, you could train those "show off" muscles a bit more. Muscles such as your deltoids, biceps, triceps and chest are the best things to train to look bigger and fill out a t-shirt.

And please...don't forget legs and most importantly your calves. 

Here at AFA, we focus heavily on the fit of our products, so if you're ever stuck on what gym apparel fits the best, look no further. 

We use panelling, curved hems and specific fitting to bring that amazing fit to every product. 

A great place to start looking for uk gym apparel is via our website- Absolute Fitness Apparel, we pride ourselves on our quality and fit!