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How to get sponsored by a clothing brand

I'm sure if you're reading this its because you're interested in becoming a sponsored athlete for a company. 

The first thing you need to realise before working towards becoming a sponsored athlete is that these businesses- that being a clothing brand or supplement company  all work on profit/loss.

The reason this is important is because you need to apply this aspect to yourself. You are essentially selling your services- promoted posts, modelling, word of mouth etc to that brand, and in order for them to consider you, they need to feel as if its going to make a return. 

In this blog, we are going to break down key aspects that you should start applying from today. So that you can become sponsored by that desired active wear brand, or supplement company. 

Offer value- A brand is unlikely to contact you, or even consider sponsoring you if you don't add value in a proposition. Tell that brand you're going to post once a week and that you will wear the active wear, or use there supplements on a daily basis.

Show interest in the brand- If you want to be noticed then you need to make yourself visible. Like and comment on their posts, give feedback when they ask and directly contact them so that they are aware of who you are and what you do. 

Purchase something- This might sound daft, why would I purchase something when I'm looking for free products? This is one of the most overlooked aspects. Purchase a small item, the cheapest or even the one you like the most. One of our sale items that is one of our most popular items can be seen here. Contact the brand and say I bought this item, I love the quality, price etc. You will be surprised how powerful this is for three reasons- 

1- You know this brand produces quality goods. Whats good being sponsored when you don't like the products or what the brand has to offer? And how will you know this without owning one of their items? 

2- This will immediately remove any doubt from the owner/brands mind the you're only looking to be sponsored for a free collection and that you agree with what the brands vision is. 

3- You can produce content in the products and showcase what you have to offer this brand.

Learn about the brand- Most companies have an "About Us" section on their website. Look at it, study it and learn what that brands vision is. Does it align with what you're looking to achieve? If not, its not the brand for you. 

Put yourself in the Owners shoes- Consider this: Every day you purchase a good or a service. With these purchases, you have a certain expectation.

As a gym-goer, Boxer, Runner etc you wouldn't be happy with a gym that charges £65 a month but only has dumbbells that go up to 20kg,  a broken punching bag, or a treadmill that doesn't work would you?

The same aspect applies for the brand. They have a certain expectation of the service they're going to receive from you- the athlete. Make it worth they're while. If you're looking for every item in their catalog, tell them why its worth it! Do you have a professional photographer as a friend who can capture content they can repost? Or do you have a large audience? Do you attend exhibitions where you can wear the active wear?

Become affiliated with the brand first- Some brands, like ours will have entry boundaries before becoming sponsored- such as an affiliate/ambassador scheme

This is for the brand to asses how well you do and possibly offer you sponsorship. Don't be disheartened by having to go through this, because once you're sponsored you're in a good position. 

Our scheme for example will give you an exclusive discount on any active wear in our catalog and will reward you with free items and commission based on how well you do. We then asses the best performing affiliates and move them forward to the sponsorship programme.

If you don't have the following, or content at the moment to go for a sponsorship then join an affiliate team first. Its so important to grow with a brand and it will really pay dividends.


These are some key aspects you can apply from today. Every brand is different, but these are some generic points to give you an insight into what brands look for in athletes and social influencers.

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By Anthony Mellor- Founder & Director of Absolute Fitness Apparel.