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How to beat the January “Rush”

We all know the challenge of a busy gym during this early year rush?

It’s obvious that gyms are busier at this time of year, but let’s not complain. It’s great to see people trying to better themselves. Here is four recommendations to ensure that we are still productive and not waiting around for equipment?

Have a plan: know the exercises you are going to perform that day. This means you can swap around your routine depending on what’s available. Ideally start with your compound but you may have to sacrifice on occasion (controversial)

Have alternatives ready if your equipment is taken: if needed swap dumbbell for barbell or cables for dumbbell variations. It’s not perfect but be flexible.

Pipe up and ask to work in: if someone is doing the same exercise, then ask to work while they rest. If someone says no, they are a certified D A F T Y.

Avoid peak times, if possible: everyone knows that 17:30-19:00 is going to be busiest. If you really hate this, then adapt your schedule.

Hope this helps, make sure to follow me on insta @c.cambro for more informative content.

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