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How running can help get you shredded

Have you ever wondered what the best form of cardio is?

Many people have the common misconception that cardio has to be running on a treadmill for 20 minutes, or cycling on "hill plus" for 45 minutes.

Although these are forms of cardio, they aren't for everyone. It also depends on whether you are performing LIIT (Low intensity interval training) or HIIT (High intensity interval training)

The best form of cardio is one that you enjoy, and one that burns the most calories. Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, although it can be dangerous at certain times of night. One solution to this issue is Absolute Fitness Apparel's new reflective range, designed to help keep you safe and visible whilst wearing some of the most fashionable gym apparel in the uk.


How long should I run for?

This question comes back to the HIIT/ LIIT principle. If you do shuttle runs with 20 seconds rest you will be burning more calories in the short run but then will not be able to sustain that for prolonged periods of time. On the flip side, if you do a perform a 5k run, it will take more time but you will burn a high number of calories.

The best way to burn the most calories and get shredded (calories in vs calories out) is by mixing up both the LIIT and HIIT principle whilst watching what you eat so your body can be in a constant caloric deficit. 

You should however remember that the more you eat the more cardio you will need to do, so being able to enjoy your diet that little bit more might mean you have to do another few shuttle runs or another 1k jog.


Why choose running as a form of cardio?

There are a few reasons you might want to choose running as a main form of cardio. The first is its fun, well for some people...

Secondly, it is an amazing form of cardio to do because it has multiple health benefits- from increased lung capacity to increased resistance to lactic acid build up; running also has the potential to improve your performance in the gym!

Whilst running you are exposing your joints and the surrounding muscles and ligaments to a load- consistently. This in turn helps increase the strength of the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding your joints which will therefore reduce the risk of any injuries. 

Lastly, the reason you should incorporate running into your cardio regime is because of the amount of calories you can burn. The number of calories you can burn depends on pace, body weight, terrain and duration. Although, it is a form of cardio that should not be ignored. 

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