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5 healthy alternatives you'll love if you have a sweet tooth

Theres a great saying that goes "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym."

As true as that is, we don't have to stick to a "bro" diet of chicken, rice and spinach 6 time a day 7 days a week. A lot of athletes, and probably yourself if you're reading this follow the "flexible diet" route. Basically meaning if it fits the macros, and is in moderation then it's fine.

In this blog we are going to outline 5 healthy, macronutrient friendly alternatives that you will love if you have a sweet tooth:

Number 1- Halo Top Ice Cream:

Arguably the best creation the fitness world has seen... It comes in a variety of flavours and is anywhere between 280-340 calories for a whole tub, yep an entire tub. Its a great alternative to Ben&Jerrys or any other ice cream and is great to make a protein milkshake...thank us later.

Number 2- Diet drinks:

Sounds obvious but even if you aren't a fan of sugary drinks and use diet as an alternative, they can be a great way to kill other cravings- such as chocolate or sweets.


Number 3- Fibre One bars:

Coming in at 90 calories per snack and in a range of flavours, there are a great addition to a meal to help kill those cravings. 


Number 4- Frozen fruit (particularly grapes):

One trick is to freeze grapes. It makes them sweeter and only coming in at 65 calories per 100g, its a great low calorie, high micronutrient snack to help kill cravings.


Number 5- Greek Yoghurt, or SKYR Yoghurt:

The macros on greek yoghurt or SKYR yoghurt are amazing. They're low in fat, high in protein and moderate in carbs. They're filling, great to be used in protein smoothies or alongside fruit for a low calorie snack.


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