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AFA affiliate testimony What I want to achieve:

Being a personal trainer I want to push and motivate as many individuals as I can and with AFA I will be able to reach potential clients that I may not have been able to before through online training.

My personal goals and what I want to achieve is qualifying for the Ukbff British finals!

How joining AFA will help: Having joined AFA I can already see the benefits in terms of connecting with new potential clients. With AFA strong social media following I am able to tap into those resources.

Also for my competition goals having the chance to be the face of the brand will motivate me to keep pushing my physique to new highs and will also keep me motivated right to the end

Where do I see AFA in two years: I can see AFA becoming a really strong and established apparel brand. With the expansion of social media this brand has unlimited potential that I want to help as much as I can in achieving that potential


- Evan. AFA Affiliate.