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Affiliate Testimonials

  • When AFA approached me and asked if I wanted to be a Affiliate for them, I knew this was a no brainer! AFA have a massive launch this coming January 20th 2017!! I feel really privilege to be part of the team and to make a massive contribution. There's one thing to remember it's not about quantity... View Post
  • AFA affiliate testimony What I want to achieve: Being a personal trainer I want to push and motivate as many individuals as I can and with AFA I will be able to reach potential clients that I may not have been able to before through online training. My personal goals and what I want to achieve ... View Post
  • I've spoken to various companies about becoming an ambassador but AFA gave me the best feeling from the get go. From the initial conversations and making sure they only work with the right people. It's a real community feel and the drive, ambition, communication and transparency has been fantasti... View Post